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  Is there a Spanish version?

Is There a Spanish Version?

There is! We've received many requests for a Spanish translation of the Rapid Import™ questionnaire over the years, but it was never a job that made it very high on our list. Although we offer a feature that allows for customization of the questionnaire text, the actual process of translating each question, field name, drop-down list, and button would still have been a formidable task.

Fortunately, another company stepped up to the challenge and produced a very thorough translation of the entire questionnaire that plugs directly into any Rapid Import™ account using our existing customization framework. They've used native Spanish speaking talent to ensure that the translation is not only grammatically correct but also conceptually easy to understand for a debtor, without making any presumptions as to the debtor's level of education.

The Spanish questionnaire is available for purchase from Front Door Enterprises at:

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