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How Much Does it Cost?

The service is billed on a pay-per-use basis. Cases are pre-paid in blocks of 5, 25, or 100 depending on your projected case volume. Our pricing structure includes some fairly substantial quantity discounts when purchasing cases in blocks of 25 or 100:

Big quantity discounts:
5 cases for $59($11.80 per case)
25 cases for $224($8.96 per case)
100 cases for $779($7.79 per case)

You may use your cases over the course of any time frame -- as long as your account remains active, they do not expire. Accounts showing no activity for at least a year may be closed, but simply logging into your account will keep it active. Pre-paid case credit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Is there a setup fee?
There is no setup fee, but we do require that you open your account with a minimum of 5 cases.

Is there a monthly support or maintenance fee?
No. You are only billed for the cases you download.

If I download the same case twice, does that use up two of my cases?
No. You are only charged once per client, regardless of how many times you download the same case.

Could unrecognized clients waste all my pre-paid credit?
No. You are only charged when you actually download a client's case information. You also get to view a free summary of the case so you can see if it's valid before deciding to download it.

What happens if I run out of pre-paid credit?
If your account credit is used up, you will be asked to purchase more cases before your next download. Your clients will never be turned away.

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