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How it Works

From basic contact information to lengthy lists of assets and creditors, data entry is a major component of bankruptcy preparation. Collecting this information traditionally involved having the client fill out worksheets, which someone on your staff would need to transcribe from handwritten pages to electronic fields in your bankruptcy forms preparation software.

The Rapid Import™ service streamlines the interview process, eliminates tedious data entry, and helps you screen clients and prepare cases in less time. Here's how it works:
  1. Your client completes a web based questionnaire, providing his general contact information, assets, debts, income, expenses, aliases, dependents, and other relevant case information.

  2. You receive an e-mail when your client finishes the questionnaire.

  3. A button in your bankruptcy preparation software downloads the data into the schedules, greatly expediting the fact gathering and data entry processes.
Most bankruptcy software programs work with Rapid Import™ >>

Please note that Rapid Import™ is not designed as a substitute for attentive legal counsel and it does not diminish the attorney's responsibilities in carefully examining the details of each case. This service is simply designed to make the fact gathering and data entry processes more efficient and cost effective.

Edit and Review
Your client doesn't have to finish the entire questionnaire all at once. Information is saved after each input screen, and the client can return to the questionnaire to continue working on it at any time. You can view your client's progress and review case information incrementally.

Hardcopy for Your Records
In addition to downloading case information directly into your bankruptcy forms preparation software, you can also save a printable PDF hardcopy. This is excellent for record keeping or simply as an easy to read way to review case information.

Rock Solid Security
Everything going through Rapid Import™ is protected with high grade 256-bit SSL encryption. This is the same level of encryption used by the US Courts electronic filing system. From a practical point of view, encrypted Internet transmissions are more secure than any other form of communication.

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