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What Data is Collected?

The questionnaire covers most of the information a client can reasonably be expected to provide, including:
  • General client information (name, mailing address, residence address, phone number, marital status)
  • Other names used in the last 8 years
  • Assets (schedule A, real property; items 1-35 on schedule B)
  • Debts (creditor name, address, account number, amount due, consideration, assignees)
  • Codebtors (schedule H)
  • Dependents (schedule I)
  • Income (schedule I)
  • Expenditures (schedule J)
  • Previous 6 months' income (form 22)
  • Prior Bankruptcies
  • Pending Bankruptcies
  • Applicable statement of financial affairs questions 1-18
The information collected is designed for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 consumer cases. It is not recommended for large business cases or Chapter 11's.

What doesn't it handle?
Rapid Import™ does not perform any calculations or make any legal decisions, such as assigning exemptions (schedule C) or completing the Statement of Intention (form 8). It is still the attorney's responsibility to assist the client in making informed legal decisions after reviewing the specifics of the case.

Does Rapid Import™ provide credit reports and tax transcripts?
No, but there are other companies that provide those products. Our service is fully compatible with the credit reporting agencies in the sense that your bankruptcy software can add credit bureau data and Rapid Import™ data into the same case file. Please contact your bankruptcy software vendor for more information on credit reporting products.

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