What software is supported?
  What data is collected?
  How much does it cost?
  Do I need a web site?
  Can I see a demo?
  Can I customize it?
  Is there a Spanish version?

Can I Customize It?

Yes. There are two degrees of customization you can apply to the questionnaire. One is to modify the text of the questions, the instructions that appear along with each question, and the labels that appear next to the input fields.

The other level of customization affects the appearance of the questionnaire rather than the content. Using an HTML template, you can customize the layout to appear as though it's a directly integrated part of your own web site.

What is involved in customizing my questionnaire?
If you just want to modify the text of the questionnaire, you need to download our default questions, modify them as desired, then upload them to your account.

If you want to integrate Rapid Import with your web site, you'll need the services of a web developer. Your web developer will need to build an HTML template file, upload corresponding image files, and add a few lines of HTML to your web site.

Does it cost extra to use these customization options?
We do not charge extra to use the customization features, but it is your responsibility to hire a web developer who can perform the necessary work.

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